Tingkat Dasar 1 (Basic Level - module 1)


Aiming to give first-time learners the basics in Modern Indonesian language, this module will also incorporate general aspects of the Indonesian culture and its relation to the language.

Main emphasis will be given to conversation and vocabulary building. Learners can also expect to learn simple Indonesian grammar and to understand useful things to pay attention to should they wish to travel or stay in Indonesia for a short period of time.

Student participation in class is encouraged through pair work, group work activities, games, and individual work assessments.  The syllabus is also interactive in nature, ensuring that learners get to use the language.  Among the specific topics covered in this level are :

  1. greetings,

  2. numbers,

  3. adverb of time,

  4. daily routines, independent verbs,

  5. directions,

  6. making a phone call,

  7. inviting people,

  8. making simple suggestions,

  9. going shopping and,

  10. going to the restaurant.